Charge with Belib' in 4 easy steps

Belib', the public network of electric vehicle charging stations in Paris

1 - Find your station

Look for a charging station using the interactive map.

2 - Select your station and connector

Select or book the charging station you want to use with the connector you need.

3 - Enter your information

Log into your Belib' account or continue without an account.

4 - Start charging

Start your charge by pressing "start" and stop at any time with the "stop" button.

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Find a station

Did you know?

Belib' options for any type of views

From cost-effective slow charging for extended parking time to fast charging on the go or for heavy users, the Belib' service offers every option. You will also find spaces for people with reduced mobility and spaces reserved for electric two-wheelers. With four different charging options ("MOTO", "FLEX", "BOOST" and "BOOST +") the Belib' service covers all your needs.

Charging stations to plug in any vehicle

The Belib' network's charging points are universal. They are fitted with different socket types (Type 2, Type 3, domestic E/ F, Combo 2, CHAdeMo), so you can plug in any kind of vehicles, including bikes. Maximum power provided is 22 kW.

A service open to all

Our charging stations are open to visitors wishing to pay with a credit card, smartphone or pass delivered by another E-mobility Service Provider (eMSP), as well as to Belib' badge holders, both residents or non-residents. Subscribers with a Belib' badge enjoy more economical rates.